Being busy to me has never been a bad thing.  It usually means that things in life are going well and you on the right path to success. But lately, I have noticed that there is such thing as being too busy.  You lose sleep, time with loved ones and sometimes you even begin to neglect yourself if you aren’t careful.  It’s been known that when one aspect of your life is thriving, there is usually another side that involves you being stressed out or worn down.  When we don’t manage stress properly, it can be hard for us to live a productive, yet balanced life. So, with that in mind, I have come up with strategies to help you feel and stay beautiful during the high-stress times in your life.  The best part is that each tip only takes about 10 minutes! Whether you have 10 minutes or 10 seconds, try out some of these tips to take 10 for yourself and relax your mind! 

Make a List

A great way to manage your stress is to create a “to-do list”. This will help keep you organized and I must admit checking items off throughout the day is pretty satisfying. Be mindful to make a reasonable sized list or it will begin to overwhelm you. Your to-do list should include tasks that involve taking care of yourself. This can even include giving yourself a mini facial after a long day at the office. Trust me your future self will thank you. 

Little to no refined sugars

Sweet snacks and soft drinks can spike your insulin levels which causes inflammation in the skin. it really messes with your energy levels. I like to hydrate myself with a delicious tasting glass of SunRype Slim 10 which contains no aspartame, no artificial colours or flavours. It is super refreshing and the best part is it’s only 10 calories per serving (250ml) and can be found in the non-refrigerated aisle of your grocery store.  It’s one of my favourite drinks to share with friends, family and whenever I decide to take 10 minutes for myself.

Feeding your body foods and drinks that will keep it working at its best is so important. It is extremely tempting to grab fast food when we are in a rush and flustered. But, taking time to plan your meals even if you are meeting friends for lunch can have positive effects. Taking time to meal prep or study a menu ahead of time will save you from the uttering “Why did I just eat that”?

Going Dark

A good night’s sleep is crucial for a stress free day and beautiful skin. It’s also important to unplug yourself from your smartphone or laptop. It can be hard to put our devices down, but staring at a screen can really ruin your sleep habits, your eyesight and internal clock. Instead, grab a glass of your favourite beverage – caffeine free of course, and curl up with a great book to allow your body, mind and soul to unwind. I find SunRype Slim Lemonade helps me relax instead of scrolling through my Instagram feed for the 100th time before bed! Plus, instead of a glass of wine, a nice refreshing glass of SunRype Slim mixed with alcohol is the best way to unwind after a long, hard day.

I hope my tips help you take 10 and distress after a busy day. It is going to take some practice, but in time, you will be able to manage your stress both internally and externally. Remember, a true beauty knows how to take care of herself and knows when she needs to take 10. So, whether it is 10 seconds or 10 minutes, take some time for yourself and just relax!

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This post has been generously sponsored by Sun-Rype, the opinions and language are my own and in no way do they reflect Sun-Rype.