The question I get asked most often is surprisingly not about my clothes, but about my haircare routine. What products do I use? How I style it? etc...

Of all the hair related question, the one I get the most is how is what’s the secret to your hair looking full and fabulous?  Today I am excited to share my hair care routine in partnership with Kérastase. The line has been around since 1964 and they know what they are doing when it comes to all things hair. 

Having beautiful hair starts with the shampoo and how often you do it. Some professionals have said that you should only wash your hair once a week, while others say it can be done on a daily basis. For me, I know that lathering up every day can strip your natural oils causing your follicles to produce even more to compensate. This is can definitely weigh down your hair causing it to look flat and lifeless. Rumor has it that drugstore shampoos contain fillers instead of higher quality ingredients like the salons.

Kérastase Bain Volumifique is what I use twice a week. This shampoo smell is fresh, the lather is luxurious and it gives your hair a feather-light volume.  It contains all the good stuff like:

  • ·         Cationic Polymer: Targeting vulnerable zones from roots to tips
  • ·         Intra-Cylane: strengthening the structure of the hair for long-lasting hold.

Now,  just like shampoos, conditioning your hair is just as important as washing it. Conditioner has the power to change the quality of your hair. It delivers moistures, creates volume and protects your hair against future damage from styling. I like to use the Kérastase Gelee Volumifique. It is the first rinse out treatment in the form of a transparent gel. The lightness gives your hair mega volume. Since it is in a form of a gel, I find myself using less product than I would with a traditional conditioner. Make sure to never condition your scalp, but start from the ends and work your way up.

Lastly, just for volume insurance. I use the Resistance Spray Volumifique. This gives my hair an extra lift, better hold for styling and leaves my mane soft and shiny. 

When it comes to hair care,  less is always more. Remembering that the quality of the product does more than a countertop full of them.  I am looking forward to answering more of your beauty questions, Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you Kérastase  for partnering on this post