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#Liveyourbestlife is everywhere now. But, have you ever really thought, "What does it mean to live your best life and how do you know if you are?" For you to be certain it’s your best life, you have to recognize what it is not:

If you believe that living your best life is being reduced to proving your haters wrong with; getting a certain number of followers/likes and comments and, looking for validation and seeking to impress others before loving yourself, then you aren’t living or living your best life. You are living life as a counterfeit of the one you truly want.

The quality of life and the level of success you are able to reach is all dependent on one thing - Boundaries. Therefore, you must be thinking, 'What, Rachel? It can’t be that easy!' Well it can! And how do I know?

YES, Boundaries!! They’re the foundation of unshakable confidence, love and self-respect. They allow others to recognize that one has limits and standards without having to verbalize them. At the end of the day, you are what you attract. They have transformed and attracted mutual value, quality in all aspects of one's life (friendships, family and business) that you may think isn't possible. Boundaries are the non-negotiables of what you are willing and not willing to put up with. They teach people how to treat you and block out what doesn’t serve you. What you tolerate is always in directly correlation with the quality of your boundaries. Boundaries are powerful because they help shape your life. Without them, you will always allow the decision and actions of others to fog your judgement, cater to your fears and subject you to be a doormat character in the story of your own life.

“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

– Ed Sheeran

1. Strip off every weight that slows you down.

Know when to fold. Do not get emotionally attached to anyone who consistently brings you down, lies to, and dishonors you. Trust me, your self–esteem will thank you in spades. Remember that everyone’s actions are a reflection of themselves. Nothing is ever about you, whatever they say or do is a display of their own emotional state – release them. Don’t get mad, disappear . Peace out on people who disrespect you or bring any level of nonsense, drama and negativity into your life.

The only people that will get upset and be against you having limits are the ones who would have benefited the most from you not having any.

In the past I wanted to keep someone in my life where I was willing to compromise my own standards – Wrong! You can never take someone more seriously than they take themselves. Stop giving credit to people that haven’t earned it.

2. Honesty

Telling the truth has really become a lost art. People have been scared of inflicting pain on others, so they would rather lie. True honestly isn’t painful – it’s freeing. There is a fine line between brutally honest and being kind. Always be kind to others when speaking your truth and be honest with yourself. It will begin to transform your life and build respect. Honesty and honor go hand in hand. I admire those who live a life with complete transparency.

3. Take note

Talk is cheap, actions show you everything you need to know about someone. Especially during the hard times – how they treat you is how they feel about you. It’s in these moments that people reveal who they are and that is a gift. Also, be sure to notice how those who are close to you treat others – family, friends, elderly and the homeless.

Raising your standards or setting boundaries isn’t an overnight process. Just like losing weight or building muscle. It takes time and dedication, knowing that a desired result will exceed the fear of pain or temporary soreness

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and remember that you are so loved.