Planning a party involves many details that are often overlooked. Food and entertainment are the main focus however the invitation creates the first impression for your guests. Today I will be sharing ideas on how to create your invitations and plan outfits for any occasions this summer. 

Invitations are important because they set the tone for the event ahead. Guests often can get a feel for the event they're attending when they see the invitation. Make sure that whoever is opening your invite understands the tone of your soiree while giving them all the details they need. 

Paper or Phone? - It's important to decide if your invitation will be paper or digital. In the past year, I have come to love the electronic invitation for events. It helps the environment and they're a lot harder to lose because I am able to pull the details up on my phone instantly. 

Design - The invitations that you design should reflect the theme of your event. Here are a list things to check off your list.  I created mine with Paperless Post. They are user-friendly and will help make your party a must be at event. 


Who: Clearly state the reason for celebrating. It could be a birthday, baby shower or bachelorette

Where: Let your guest know where they need to be. A good host or hostess will also provide additional instructions like parking and access codes if necessary. 

When: Be sure to include the date, start and end times and when your guests should RSVP by. 

Lastly, if the invitation doesn't have a dress code - ask! For me, a comfortable maxi is pretty much foolproof for any occasion.  

Create your own lovely invitation today. 

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