If you read my last post about celebrating, you would know that I enjoy attending large parties however there is something special about an intimate gathering with your girlfriends that really is like nothing else.  To kick off the summer season I invited a few of the best babes I know for a little brunch in the sun.  Planning a get together can seem daunting with the number of tasks that need to get checked off. But with the help of Amazon, I was able to pull this event off much easier. Below are some tips on how you can do the same. 

1. Location, Location, Location. 

The first step should be the venue. When choosing the venue be sure to consider the time of year. Where you choose to have your soiree will help dictate your theme and everything else that follows. (number of guests, food, and dress code) Since it's summer, I chose a rooftop restaurant which helped set the tone for this summer brunch.

2.  Table Setting

Creating a comfortable atmosphere goes beyond music and a warm welcome -- You want your guests to truly enjoy themselves.  Extending the feelings to your table setting is a key part of this. I dressed the table with a cinema light box  that said #babes&brunch to help set the tone, that today was all about celebrating us and our friendship. Remember that as long as your guests are comfortable they will leave feeling happy. 

3.  Thank You Cards and Takeaways

You can call me old fashioned but I have always believed that thank you cards are a great way to show your gratitude. In today's digital world where most of us communicate in about 140 characters or less, a hand written note is refreshing and personal. With that being said, the weight of the paper is reflective on how important the message is. When writing the letter you don't have to write a lot - just make reference what you are giving thanks for. An example on one of my cards said "Brunch is always a good idea, Thank for you coming and making this one special" 

Takeaways are not necessary,  although it is a nice touch! For me, I wanted my guests to leave happy and with something to remind them of this occasion. Sticking with the theme, I went with flamingo drink floaters that everyone can use throughout the summer. They are simple, easy to use and fun! 

Lastly, remember that hosting a party should be enjoyable for the host or hostess too. Once everyone has arrived, be sure to enjoy yourself with them. Clean up and maintenance can be done at a later time. Being in the moment of good company, ambiance and delicious food is why everyone gets together. 

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