I am firm believer that we should always take the time to celebrate with others, no matter how big or small the achievements are. It's also an excuse to get dressed up and go somewhere. However, as I have gotten older celebrating has become more than what I wear to a party or what flavor of cake is being served -- it's an opportunity to focus on the good things in life! When Pandora launched their Spring Collection and mission statement #DOPANDORA, I knew it was an opportunity to celebrate positivity. The idea behind #DOPANDORA is for women to DO and be true to who they are and what they want do in life.  Who run the world? Girls! But have you noticed we don't tell ourselves or each other often enough? I took this opportunity to invite a girlfriend out to brunch to remind her that she is someone worth celebrating - just cause! 

We all know that girl who is a free spirit and sets big benchmarks for themselves. My friend Freya is an architectural designer who sees the importance of loving what she creates. She understands that there are countless of hurdles to clear but she has also experienced the rewards of hard work. In a male driven industry, she continues to push boundaries by creating and building her own rules. Learn more about this beauty and how Pandora helped me gift her with something special for the occasion below. 


What inspired you to become an architectural designer?
I honestly didn't know what to do after high school. Nothing stood out to me but pursuing something in medicine, which is weird because science and I don't mix at all. My mom suggested one day to take architecture. And what do you know, within a year in the program, all those sleepless nights and no social life whatsoever, I actually enjoyed what I was learning and most importantly, I discovered I had a passion for design. I couldn't wait for the opportunities I could get into once my career started. 

Freya Fact:  She helped design the drawings for the first NYX store in Toronto. 

 What has been the most rewarding experience since?
Seeing the end product of what I designed. It's different from when I used to worked on commercial stores since everything had a prototype. I never had the freedom I had now as an architectural designer in residential. I get to play around with traditional, contemporary and modern. It's definitely more rewarding to witness my very first custom million dollar home in the city, especially when I'm making the home-owners meet their expectations. 

Outside of your day job, you are known for your travel vlogs and personal style. What are your favourite things to capture?

I find myself admiring the intricate details in architecture, instead of looking at the bigger picture as a whole. What I focus on are the little pieces that put that masterpiece altogether, what makes it so intriguing. Besides the details, traveling or not, any innovative space I could find in the city always captures my attention

What advice do you have for ladies about keeping things “real”?

Aside from learning to enjoy your own company, because we all know that this is the only way to self discovery, I say to surround yourself with people you truly love. These people bring out the best in you, along with the bad. I guess you could say, this is how I "keep it real", I surround myself with the best people I know. 

Creating a digital footprint is huge these days. Do you have any social media tips?

Always be picky about what you share, be selective. I use social media as a platform/tool to express myself in a way I don't need to put into words. The type of content I post on social media is the type of content I only choose to let my followers see. Anything I capture is either something that defines what my style is and/or what my passion is all about. 

What words do you live by? "Do more of what really makes you happy." 
I can go on with other mantras I remind myself on a daily basis but I sincerely believe in doing whatever it is you're happy with in life - there are no limits, no bad vibes, no negative people can bring you down because you can be unstoppable. You're in a place where no one can tell you nothing because you're at your happiest state. Besides, happy girls are always the prettiest!