She is confident and you can’t shake her. Red lipstick is her anthem." Unfortunately, not all shades complement every skin tone. I often mix red and pinks all the time to come up with my own custom shade. But that can get messy and time consuming.  I recently used my birthday as an excuse to round up some of my best babes to  Bite Beauty Lip Lab where we made customized lipstick that matched our skin perfectly. 

The staff was welcoming and very helpful. Choosing your own color, scent and finish made the experience even better. Watching them attach the the fresh mold unto the tube is extremely satifying because you know it's all yours

We ended the day off with Brunch at Bar Renya. I got to surprise the ladies with custom macrons from Sweet Philosophy and little gifts with tags that said 'Thanks a Brunch' made by Hand Written By Sam. As I have gotten older I feel that birthdays become less about you and more about whom you spend it with. I must admit, I am surrounded by many positive and fun loving personalities. I wanted these beautiful babes to know that I appreciate their time, love and support. 

It was a Birthday for the books.