Scroll through my Instagram feed and you are guaranteed to see photos of my favourite things: Food, Fashion and Friends. You'll often also see one of my favourite accessories, in fact, I feature this accessory quite a bit and it's a lot cheaper than a handbag or jewelry. It's coffee! Coffee to many is a pick-me- up, however, for me it is more than that. Coffee helps set a social mood that is calm and warm and it is surprisingly very photogenic.

Before you try your hand at this kind of 'gram though, it's good to keep these four things in mind:

The stage is yours to create

It has become completely natural for me to have an impromptu photo shoot with my cup of coffee before drinking it. I make coffee every morning and it’s safe to say that my daily routine wouldn’t be the same without it. Since I’ve discovered Melitta’s Pour-over coffeemakers, snapping pictures is especially easy since I no longer have to go out to a café to get a great shot. Lately, I’ve been handcrafting my coffee at home using the pour-over method and it’s quick, convenient and the flavour is great.

After I make my morning cup, I use whatever I have around me as props for styling. I often like to add a colourful handbag to give the shot a punch of color. I experiment, find the best angle and then snap away.

Remember to use symmetry your photos, the surrounding objects should be pleasing to the eye while helping you tell your story.

Inspired by the Interior

Incorporating some interior details are often more dynamic than a close-up of what's in your cup. It also allows your audience to see where and when you’re making and enjoying that cup of java. The bright side to that is you don;t have to be in the shot and shoot it all on your own.

Give your hands something to hold

One of my biggest challenges I have when taking any photo is surprisingly not my outfit but what to do with my hands. I don't always know what to do with them, so I find holding a cup of coffee always feels natural and more comfortable for me.  Holding something also adds movement to your shot. Try placing a hand around a coffee mug to bring more life to your photos. (literally)

Get Messy

The established norms with regards to photos are that we take the pictures before consuming our tasty subject. Why not flip it around and do it oppositely? Next time your at the coffee shop try taking a photo of what remains. Photos can show off how good food looks but after shots can show how good your food or drink WAS.

Coffee is such a favourite photo category because of how much it intertwines in our daily lives. No matter where we live or what we do for a living, most us enjoy a cup of Joe. I hope these tips help you next time you take a snap!

Do you think I missed any pointers? Let me know in the comments below!

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