Happy Monday Friends! 

If you know me (or follow my Instagram) then you are aware that I am obsessed with trying out new eateries that feature treats that are equally delicious and beautiful.  

Sorelle and Co is a stunning bakery/cafe that is perfect for an early morning espresso or afternoon tea with your girlfriends. This bakery has plenty of treats to swoon over. The moment you walk in you are met by a host of delicate desserts just waiting to draw you in. Everything is gluten free , soy free and free of nuts -- call it sophisticated dining that's worry free.  I tried the sugar cane tart that was filled with a silky tart and we also tried the coconut cupcake.  The next time I visit I plan on trying out their delicious lunch menu, and I am particularly interested in trying their delicious fresh breads.

As for my outfit, I wore this striped dress that I found on sale. I can't say no to diagonal stripes because I always feel that they make me look taller and slightly slimmer. Stripes are also one of the easiest prints to wear.  It really helps when I'm in a pinch to head out the door.  

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Dress:  1State , Romper Version Here