Wedding season is in full swing and if you are like me your calendar is full of friends who are tying the knot. Since dressing for a wedding can be tricky I always follow a few simple rules to help me get ready for a summer of love:

1. Take note of the dress code.

It's important to know what the guidelines are before you hit the stores to shop for the perfect dress. If there isn't a dress code listed, use the venue as a gauge to determine how fancy you get.

2. Romance, Romance, Romance.

Weddings are all about celebrating eternal love so I always look for romantic pieces that fit the theme. I do my best to stick with the themes by keeping my eyes on the lookout for floral, ruffles and lace pieces

3. Spare soles.

I always wear heels to weddings because they make me look taller and really put an outfit together. However once the DJ is up and running and the tunes are pumping I want to be able to dance the night away with the newlyweds so I always stash a pair of flats in my bag for later in the night.

Lastly, don't wear white and do not force the issue by wearing anything you are uncomfortable in.  It would such a waste to spend the entire evening pulling up your strapless dress and it would be a shame to not enjoy a delicious meal because your dress is too tight. 

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Dress: Mendocino (in store only) 

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