Spring has officially sprung but Winter is not going down quietly. There are still many days where the temperatures do not reflect the new season. Trusty tops such as leather jackets or long trench are the typical transitional pieces however lately I find myself reaching for my trusty denim jacket. The denim jacket is a piece that can look good with several different styles.  

The denim jacket has been popular since the 50's and continues to find a way to reinvent itself every generation. The timeless appeal and the ability to add that 'effortless' look to any outfit makes it a must have. Here are tips on choosing the best for you:

1.  Size down or find a slimmer model. 

The 80's variety of this jacket is typically hung off the shoulder. Keep this in mind especially if you are looking for yours in a thrift store.

2.  It should be raw or really worn. 

Buying pre-distressed is the way I like to go. Make sure it looks like it has aged in the normal places -- No giant holes or creases where wears and tears don't happen.

3.  Mix and Match. 

The denim style jacket now comes in variations of fabrics like canvas, with leather sleeves and even corduroy. Pick and play around with fabrics that generally work within your own personal style.

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Dress: Bebop  available at Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls 

Denim Jacket: Gap

Booties: Zara (old) love these and these

Bag: Givenchy