The official arrival of Spring and slightly warmer temperatures opens up plenty of different options when choosing what to wear. This week's look features a little red dress that exposes my shoulders. 

There is something sexy and subtle about an this trend.  It shows just the right amount of skin without being too revealing. It is one of my favorite silhouettes to wear this season because of its versatility. You can keep it cool and casual with skinny jeans or shorts, or be a bit more sexy by letting this dress stand on its own.  Experiment with different looks to be a modern bohemian beauty.  

Bearing a little collarbone is something that every girl should be confident about. This look is a foolproof way to spice up your ensemble this Spring.  As a bonus, exposed shoulders and other similar trends are great because you feel less constricted with what you are wearing! I look forward to adding and featuring more of these pieces in my Spring wardrobe.

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Dress:  Muche-et-Muchette / Mendocino 

Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Sunglasses: M For Mendocino $18 (in store only)

Shoes: Red Valentino (Love this one) and (This One)