It has been said that if you manage to find the perfect pair of jeans that you should hang on to them or buy multiple pairs. Denim is an integral part of a building a well rounded wardrobe.  A great pair of jeans can do more than just shape your butt, it can be the piece that makes a look appear effortless. Shopping for a pair can be daunting given all the options out there in stores but I've come up with a few tips to make your experience a little easier:

1. Never assume that if a friend or celebrity swears by particular pair that they will also be right for you.  

Finding the perfect pair is all about trial and error. Be prepared to slide your legs in and out of many pairs of jeans. It helps to bring a trusted friend with you because having the sales girl ask " How are you doing in there?" just adds unnecessary pressure and it often becomes cringe-worthy. 

2. Look for the right 'stretch'. 

There's a balance to be had here -- you want something that has a bit of stretch because it makes wearing the pants a lot more comfortable however if you buy something that's too stretchy it won't create the elongated lines to make your legs look longer and thinner. Be sure to check the amount of stretch in each pair. Anything more than 2% should fit like a glove, but this may vary based on your size and build. The most important thing is to not buy anything too loose or else you'll be washing them until the shrinkage is just right.

3. Pocket placement is everything! 

Where the back pockets fall ultimately shape your butt. Pockets that are too low may make your butt look saggy, pockets that are too close together can make it look like you a 'wide load'. The same goes with pockets that are too small. Thisis where having a honest friend is key, you'll get confirmation from a girlfriend when your booty looks good or bad.

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'Top: Gracia - old , love this one

Jeanss: Gap

Pumps: Red Valentino : Similar Here

Bag: Givenchy