Today officially kicks off the month of love and to celebrate I got together with two of my best girlfriends for a delicious date at one of our favourite restaurant & café’s in Toronto, Colette. The Parisian-style décor made the perfect setting for this ‘Galentine’s Day’ outing. We had a delicious meal in their dining room and then moved over to the café for some decadent desserts.

I met Tijana (left), and Mellow (right) on the first day of University and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. We’ve shared laughs, tears (mostly from said laughter), and secrets. After graduating, Tijana moved to New York where she completed her master’s degree and now works as a producer. All three of us work in the media industry and we all have busy lifestyles. Despite the distance and the time we make it a top priority to maintain our friendship.

One of my favourite memories was our trip to Los Angeles for my 25th birthday. Prior to the trip I had heard horror stories about best friends fighting on trips after being around each other for so long. Funny enough the trip actually brought us closer together. It was a non-stop giggle fest and our suitcases blended into one gigantic closet. How everything fit three girls who are different sizes is still a mystery to me. Ever since that trip we’ve adopted the nickname: The sisterhood of travelling clothes.

Flash-forward to the present and we are still the same friends who bond over fashion, food, and the fabulous and not-so-fabulous things that happen in life. While we may not get together as often as we used to during our university days we are able to invest the time necessary to stay in tune with each other. (Thank you group chats!) It’s so wonderful to have these two great women who believe in me and in each other. In a world that likes to tear people down it’s great to have close friends who can encourage one another and yet still give a good reality check from time to time.

I believe that Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed by more than just a person and their significant other. So whether you are single or attached, spend some time with those who are nearest and dearest to you! Life is not about how much love you receive but rather how much love you pour out to others.

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