This week's look features a fall staple: The Leather Jacket.

Leather jackets are a significant part of both fall and spring wardrobes however when shopping for the right jacket it's important to prioritize fit above anything else. A poor fitting jacket will look terrible no matter how much you spend. I've listed a few tips below that should be considered when shopping for a leather jacket:

1. Style -  Your wardrobe is an extension of your character. The jacket you choose says a lotabout your personality. You may opt for something that's sleek and sexy like a racer jacket or for a badass biker jacket. Try a few different types to see which fit suits you best.

2. Fit - The jacket should fit close to the body with enough room to fit a sweater underneath for some added layers when the temperature drops. Your arms should be able to move freely and the length should end at the waist. Cropped or elongated jackets simply come down to preference and choice.

3. Material - A great leather jacket is available at every price point. I recommend having a mixing of high and low end. Faux and Real, but it really comes down to FEEL. Lower end leather will have been corrected.  If the leather starts with lots of imperfections, the skins are sanded down and leather grains are then pressed into them. Dyes and other treatments are used so the jacket appears more uniform. You can tell the quality of the jacket when you touch it.

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Jacket: Zara , Dress: Revolve, Bag: Dior , Shoes: Valentino