Autumn is a beautiful season however it does present challenges when it comes to styling daily looks. The mornings are cool but the weather in the afternoons is often too warm for the outfit I put on in the morning. The best way to work around this is by layering outfits so pieces can be added and removed as the temperature fluctuates.

The art of layering requires some imagination and clever thinking. My go-to is to throw on a chunky knit over everything because it's easy and effortless however this season I felt that my knits were hiding my other clothes and my shape. The idea of reversing the two sounds so bizarre to me, but after 'Thestylehouse' convinced me to give a go I fell in love! Layering super thin knits keep me warm while extending the life of my summer wardrobe. If you choose to do this be sure to stay within the fall color scheme with layering so you don't look confused about the weather.

Let me know what other fall trends you're loving this season in the comments below!

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Dress: Club Monaco,  Sweater: Club Monaco 

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