Could green be the new black?  

While I may not go that far, I will say that it has quickly become the next best thing.  Dressing up in olive no longer means that you look a 'fisherman friend' . In fact, many people refer to the colour as army green and with good reason. I believe this new military association gives it a tough appeal and it's all about how we style this color to give it that 'fresh' approach. 

Today's outfit is a monochrome inspired. Dressing in one color can be intimidating when it's any color other than black but fear not -- it is easy to look fashion forward without looking crazy.  Here are a few tips to help you do it effortlessly:

1. One Color = One Look.  

We all separate pieces in various shades that we have purchased over time. Why not bring all those colors together for a cohesive look?

2. Layer By Texture

Now that you have collected your shade pieces. It's time to see what will pair well together and add texture. Mixing different materials like leather and cashmere helps keep the outfit interesting.

3. Keep your accessories to a minimal. 

Keep it polished and sophisticated. Today I wore one statement necklace and kept the rest of outfit simple with neutral accessories.

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Asymmetrical Sweater: Max Studio (Similar Here)

Leggings: Aritzia  or inexpensive Version

Vest: Forever 21

Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Shoes: Jimmy Choo