It's that time of the year again - September 23rd marked the official beginning of Fall. Very soon the leaves will begin to change colour and the temperatures will slowly start to make their way down. It means that it's time to begin bundling up. 

My preferred method of bundling up this fall is knits - I am in love with them this season. The idea of being wrapped up in a nice knitted soft sweater, or a cozy cardigan on a cool autumn morning on my way into the office. The pairing possibilities are endless: leggings, leather skirts and booties are just a few of the go-to looks for me. 

While you're out shopping try a variation of textures and lengths: Longer sweaters can create a slimmer silhouette, while wrap sweaters can create a sweet shape by accentuating your waist.  It's also good to mix it up a bit by using both solid and prints. Remember that thinner knits can be tucked into jeans and skirts, while chunky knits are better off on their own. Sweaters come at every price point so be sure to read how to care for them before your purchase because nobody wants a sweater that turns into a crop top :) 

Have a great week!

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Sweater: Vince Camuto (Similar Here) 

Pants: Joe Fresh

Shoes: Zara, sold out online, in store only (Similar Here)