Back in the Spring I shared a timeless colour combination: Black and White. I shared my thoughts about how flexible the colours were in various different patterns and their versatility when paired with coloured accessories. This week I've revisited the look in a different form and added a touch of red that's sure to stand out.

Being trendy does not necessarily mean buying new pieces all of the time - that gets expensive and takes up much needed real estate in the closet! Keeping up with the trends requires the creativity to rethink our CURRENT wardrobe and make fresh combinations with what we already have.

Red to me was the perfect hue to spice up this classic look.  

black, white and pop of red can be created with very little effort. Nearly every woman owns a pair of black bottoms, pants, skirts or shorts. The white shirt is also a classic piece lying around in most closets in several variations that are interchangeable depending on the occasion. Put the two together, add a red accessory and you are ready to go! 

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