Here in Toronto we have an annual end of Summer exhibition that marks the end of the season. Whether you want to test your luck in a game of Whack-a-Mole, try some extreme eats, or hit the midway for a ride on the Ferris wheel, The Canadian National Exhibition is the place to do all three this time of year.

With the exhibition opening last Friday it has begun to sink in that the sun is setting on another Summer season. It's natural to look ahead to the fall and the beautiful fashion that accompanies it however do NOT overlook end of season sales. End of season sales are a great opportunity to pick up pieces that can be used to help transition into a new season and they are also helpful in building your wardrobe for the NEXT summer.

 When these sales start popping up it's important to shop smart. It's about asking yourself the right questions: Do I need this? Do I own anything similar to this? A big one I ask myself is: will this transition into Fall well? For me, purchasing new pieces have to serve a dual purpose. I have to be able to wear it more than once and it should be multi-seasonal. My denim shorts work with tights in the fall and the layered t-shirt will pair well with leather leggings. There are still a few more weeks of beautiful warm weather ahead so why not pick that summery piece you have had your eye on? 

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