I've talked about it in the past but there have been times where I've been a bit hesitant to give certain trends a try because I was unsure of how it would look. Neon was another one of these trends. It's been arguably the season's greatest hit -- the shades of hot pink and citrus really stand out and provide that unique "pop". My fear was that these bright colours would not work well when put against my pale complexion. This summer I decided to take the plunge anyway and incorporate a few items in my wardrobe. To provide a contrast, I paired the bright neon with black accessories. Black, being a neutral, acts as a contrast colour against the neon. The dress still remains as the focal point of the outfit but not to the point where it is overwhelming. If you're hesitant to add something that is so 'out there' you can start by incorporating one or two neon pieces, like a t-shirt for example, or an accessory against a neutral outfit until you are more comfortable with larger items.

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