Summer is upon us and with that comes special events. Whether it's a wedding, fashion show or a friend's birthday, the fun and feeling of getting dolled up never gets old. Mixing and matching items to create that perfect summer look can at times be overwhelming financially but here are a few quick tips that may help you when shopping and putting together the perfect outfit for that special occasion:

1. Does this flatter my figure?

Looking good = feeling good. You will want to spend your time at the event enjoying yourself,  NOT thinking about if parts of you are not toned enough.

2. Comfort is key

I want my outfit to be hands free. Meaning there is nothing worse than constantly pulling up a  strapless dress or tugging down a skirt that is too short.

3. Fun

This doesn't mean wearing crazy colors, but it is something you don't already own? A piece that is completely new and adventurous.

Since style can be bought at any price, make sure you pick a dress that shows off your best qualities. Thanks for checking out this week's look. 

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