You're about to go out but an obstacle lies in the way... 

"I don't know what to wear!!!" 

If you're like me this has happened to you at least once. I can't tell you how many times I've stood in front of a closet, full of clothes, complaining that I have nothing to wear. In reality most of us are fortunate enough to have something to wear so the drama can be very silly but when you're up against the clock and you don't know what to wear it can be a bit stressful.

My advice to dealing with this predicament: Keep ISimple, Silly.

When faced with this situation I usually reach for classic and comfy basics to help save the day. Today, I pulled a simple black dress, threw a chambray shirt on top and rolled up the sleeves for a more casual feel. A chambray shirt is a great investment because it can be paired with so many items and is available in every wash. Think of it as a layering piece and if you find one that is soft and lightweight that's a BONUS. The versatility allows you to find all sorts of fun new ways to wear the piece and it can integrate other less-used pieces in your wardrobe that you may not have had use for otherwise.

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