Style is about standing out and the right pattern can definitely make that happen. Patterning is becoming increasingly popular as many brands seem to be producing clothes with strong and bold patterning. Naturally many women, including myself in the past, stayed away from patterns. 

"They're too loud" . "They aren't flattering" ... and the list goes on. 

While some of this is true it does not mean that patterning is not for you. Choosing the right pattern is all about choosing a pattern that flatters your body shape and size. Here are some quick tips to help find a print that works for you:

1) Start with a printed pant or shoes

2) Be sure to pick a neutral pattern until you are ready to commit to colors. 

3) Try a pant that has a flat front and comes in a straight leg; this will be slimming on most body types. 

4) When are you ready to experiment with dresses and skirts, balance is key. (For instances, fuller skirts on the bottom should be paired with form fitting tops and vice versa)

5) When in doubt, belt it out to always create a fun feminine shape.

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