Fresh, bold and inviting. The palm print has exploded and literally taken root in every designers line. Palm trees are known for being in warm climates and although Summer has not officially kicked off, the temperature is rising and the weather really feels Summer-like at times. This tropical trend is definitely the must have print of the season. 

 However like any trend I evaluated whether the palm trend would be long term or short term. As much as I adore everything about this print right now, I know come October that this will not be wearable. This is where saving vs. splurging comes in. There's nothing wrong with spending money on a piece that looks fun and captures the spirit of the season however it's not recommended to spend a significant amount of money on pieces like this. Simply put: Save money by spending less on pieces which may not have longevity and spend the bulk of your money on trends or classics that will last a long time. This lovely piece only cost me $30 at Mendocino. 

 Whether it's palm, nautical, or animal - there's something fun and exciting for everybody out there!

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