If you aren’t aware by now – I love taking pictures. Making pictures of my own though? That was a different story. At least, that’s what I thought anyway. I had not picked up a paintbrush since high school but I decided to attend a “Bloggers Night” at Paintlounge’s Toronto East location because I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something outside of my comfort zone and a great chance meet some of my fellow Toronto bloggers. 

I entered the Paintlounge where I was warmly greeted by Samantha and Grace who assisted me as I swapped my jacket for an apron and got situated at my painting station. Once everybody else arrived we began our session. The night started off with a quick demo/tutorial from the staff where they gave us all the tips and tricks we needed to create our own masterpieces. The demo was very helpful, as were the staff all night, and the early instruction did a great job assuring a room full of bloggers that we can in fact paint something beautiful. 

Once the tutorial was complete I went back to my station and started setting up. I ordered a tea from their lovely café bar, picked up my brush and went to work while conversing with the other lovely bloggers who attended this event.

I had a great time at Paintlounge. I was able to paint freely without worrying about my painting being graded by a teacher or judged critically by others. The staff was very helpful throughout providing tips, inspiration, and ideas but they did so without being intrusive. Most importantly though I was able try something new and meet some great people while doing it. 


In addition to events like the one I attended the lounge is open for workshops, parties, and corporate team building

Paintlounge is also a fantastic idea for a first date. Think about it: Two tickets to a movie, popcorn and drinks for two can set you back $50 or more and at the end of the night you’ve paid money to sit in a dark room with someone and not talk to each other. You can attend a Freestyle session at Paintlounge and spend that same $50 to paint two 12 x 12 canvases and buy a couple of drinks from the café bar while actually having something interesting and refreshing to talk about with your date.

If you want to try it for free I encourage you to enter their Mother’s Day contest. All you need to do is complete this sentence for a chance to win: “My Mom is awesome because…” On instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can also enter on their website.

Good Luck!