Growing up, I was often led to believe that black = slimming and white = unflattering. That seemingly simple formula dictated a lot of the fashion choices I made early on and while the looks weren't bad I found that I was severely limiting myself. I made my way out of this comfort zone a bit this past Spring but with the year now coming to an end I find myself once again creeping back but I won't allow myself to do that; After all, 'Tis the season to try new things!

I've learned that choosing my outfits comes down to a lot more than black or white. "Winter White" really refers to wearing white, but with warmer undertones. Different shades of white (e.g. Cream) combined with something like a cappuccino coloured sweater creates contrast. 

This week's look answers the question of black vs. white with a "Why not both?" I love the contrast between the two colours, not to mention it is also foolproof! With the holidays soon over we will be forced to face the 'dark' days of winter, so why not use one of the few colours that can lighten it up? Just be careful around that red wine ;)

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Dress: Free People (Additional 30% off)  Less than $100 in store

Boots: DSW

Bag: Givenchy 

Bracelets: C/O of Peach Box Here and Here