This week I decided to push the refresh button on a quintessential 70's trend: Flowers! 

Designers have brought back these groovy prints and silhouettes for us to play with - everything from Bell sleeves to floppy hats are available everywhere. These trends are fun but the key is to take in that 'groovy' style without making it look like you just got back from Woodstock.

Here are some things I found learned and found helpful while shopping:  

  • Avoid anything with an exaggerated flare. Instead try a lightly loose dress that will hug your curves right but conform to your movements.
  • Fringe on skirts and boots always work well. 
  • Try suede to give you that smooth look. 
  • Keep it youthful by using colors instead of black.
  • Lastly, leave the skinny jeans on the shelf. The most popular silhouettes this season are wide leg and flared bottoms.  Be sure to balance out the heavier bottom with a fitted top. 

Have a great week!

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Dress: ZARA