Brrr, it's cold out there!

But just because it's cold it doesn't mean getting dressed up can't be as fun or as stylish as it was earlier in the year. Don't get me wrong, there are days where I miss the ease of the one and done sundress however, the colder winter-like weather brings on the endless layering possibilities. 

For me leather pants and a cute sweater and pair of fabulous footwear is a great starting point. Swapping the classic cotton black pants for leather ones not only elevates your look, but it's more often than not a better match with a lot of my other pieces. If this is something you want to try you need to be sure to try them on while you are out shopping. That seems simple enough but there have been so many occasions where people 'know' their size and just buy pants to only find out that it doesn't quite fit the way they thought it would. Remember: comfort and warmth need to rank as your highest priorities when it comes to curating your personal winter style. 

 Another thing to remember is that what's on the inside is just as important as what's on the outside. Your wardrobe should have a classic coat in neutral that will serve as your bread and butter all season. I recommend trying some other pieces such as the blanket scarf I styled below. The scarf is great because it can be used to wrap up, or it can be worn on its own if it's not too cold out there. The one I styled this week is reversible which lets me use the same piece to create two completely different looks whenever I feel like it. 

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Scarf: Aritzia

Leather Leggings: Aritzia

Coat: Zac Posen

Shoes: Valentino

Bag: Louis Vuitton