If you have been following my blog for a while you may have noticed that I like my fashion to be cozy. It's very important for me that my clothes allow me to move freely, but accentuate my shape in the right places. I hate having my movement restricted by clothes!

 One of the most free-flowing and cozy pieces that is popular right now is the poncho. I wrote a little bit about this when I previewed the fall season at the end of August. The poncho is very trendy right now as designers have really begun to relax the piece. A relaxed poncho gives it more of a cape like feel which allows for your hands to be free. I began the transition into fall with a white poncho but as the leaves begin to change colours I wanted one that has a rich fall tone. When shopping for the perfect poncho remember that sizing and styling is key. Regardless of material weight, the poncho should sit nicely over the body, and it should not to tight or too big. You'll know if it's too big because you will look lost in the fabric. 

 For pairings, try sticking with a streamlined look from the waist down. For example: skinny jeans and boots are foolproof.  l also like to pair mine with leather leggings for some added edge as I've done in this week's look. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this week's post. Shop some of my picks below!

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Poncho: First & I from ASOS (keep checking back, they do restock this item) 

Legging: Aritzia

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Forever 21 Similar Here

Necklace: Drama Queen