Clarisonic vs Luna

The battle against pimples, the war on wrinkles – we see it everywhere. The fact remains that our skin will go through multiple changes during our lifetime and while we cannot entirely prevent things like pimples and wrinkles we can limit them by adopting a skincare routine. Drink water? Consume more antioxidants? Sure it has its benefits, but what about the surface? Today on the blog I will be talking about what a good skincare routine is and I will be talking about a couple of tools to help manage the surface of your skin better.

The key things to remember for a good skincare routine is washing and moisturizing every day. With the help of modern technology we are able to clean deeper with tools that remove more debris then traditional cleansing could ever remove alone. Below is a quick review on two of the most sought after facial tools in the market: Clarisonic and the FOERO LUNA.


The Clarisonic has been a favorite among beauty bloggers and celebrities for years. It promises to clean six times deeper than when washing your face with your hands. Clarisonic allows you to remove makeup, debris and pollution from your face after a long day in about 60 seconds.

 This device comes with a T-timer, prompting you to move the device to a different part of your faces for a thorough cleaning. The timer allows 20 seconds for the forehead, 10 seconds for each side of the cheek and 20 seconds for your nose and chin.

Drawbacks of using a Clarisonic:

1. It can be too abrasive, which is why I only use it at night to remove all makeup and impurities. 

 2. Replacing the brush heads become costly over time

 3. Only 20-30 uses per charge 


Soft and compact, the small silicone touch points provide a more gentle approach to cleansing. It deeply removes impurities from the skin and can be used twice a day. The back side of the Luna is recommended to be used with your moisturizers, the anti-aging massage helps your products penetrate into the pores so they are more effective.  

 Reasons to use the FOERO LUNA

 1.     Easy to maintain (the device can be used for months after one charge)

2.     Antibacterial head

3.     Compact design makes it easier to travel with

4.     More gentle on the skin


 Drawbacks of using the FOERO LUNA:

1.     Does not do as good of a job cleaning as the Clarisonic

 Both products have their advantages and drawbacks. If you are beginner and have sensitive skin it may make sense to go the route of the FOERO LUNA, however if you are looking for the deepest cleanse for your face the Clarisonic may be for you.

 Whatever you choose to add to your skincare routine be sure to commit to the products for at least a month because our skin works in a cycle; every few weeks our cell regenerate. Think of it as a new diet or exercise plan, it will take a little time for your body react to the changes you make. 

Thank you for reading and good luck!