Parkas are warm and functional however given the demands of the holiday season it is necessary to have different coats that provide different looks. A good way to showcase this different 'look' would be by investing in a coat that is a bit more dressy, a jacket which exudes elegance. This coat should be a simple, classy piece that flatters your body. This coat is an important piece that helps project a more polished persona whether you're at a holiday event or just out on the town for the day.

This investment is tough for many though because while black is simple, black is one of the most common colors for winter coats. If you want something different and aren't one to experiment with colors may I suggest the color grey? It is a compromise between the typical black and white, that is a calming influence in this busy world. Why do so many of us throw on a pair of grey sweats after a long day? When you think of grey it's easy to associate it with rainy skies and cloudy days however there is a lot more to this white and black mix. Grey is a neutral that goes well with everything in your closet. You can use it as a backdrop to highlight lively accessories. Try pairing it with shades or yellow or red to brighten up this mute hue. Here I have pulled together similar tones in a variety of textures to create a monochromatic look. This is one color that is proven to be very effective in achieving a modern stylish look.  


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