If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift that is sure to please may I suggest a pair of cozy and comfy pajamas? Sleepwear is no longer the drab but comfy clothes that nobody will see you in, sleepwear now doubles as loungewear around the house. Good ‘sleepwear’ should be comfortable enough to sleep in but appealing enough that you won’t have to change into something else if a close friend or relative comes over for a quick visit. After a long year of work it’s always nice to feel comfortable and get a good rest during the holidays. Looking great on Christmas day is also important, especially for those Christmas morning photos. Here are some quick tips when buying what I now call a holiday essential:

1. Measurements

When purchasing sleepwear for someone you need to consider sizing. Sizing does vary among brands however many now offer size charts to help determine the right fit. If you are unsure it’s always better to go a size up rather than a size down with sleepwear because good sleepwear is comfortable, not binding. 

2. Material

Sleepwear generally comes in silk, cotton, and flannel. Jersey is my favorite though because it is lightweight, stretchy and feels good against the skin. If you toss and turn and night, the fabric moves with you. Cotton and flannel are a little less forgiving.

Silk is an extravagant fiber, however it will need to be dry cleaned. This makes it the high maintenance purchase, that you will continue to spend on. 

Cotton: A popular choice because it's breathable and comes in an array of color of styles. 

Flannel: Known for its warmth, softness, and classic patterns. 

3. Sleeping Habits: 

Consider your gift receiver's sleeping habits. Do they prefer to sleeping in a cooler room or be in a toasty warm environment? Use this to help determine your purchase between long and short sleeves. 

Thank you for reading. Good Luck and Merry Christmas. 

Forever 21 I Heart Kale PJ Set

Forever 21 I Heart Kale PJ Set

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Sincerely Jules Dream Believe Achieve Pajamas