It is time to say goodbye to Fall as we enter what I call the "polar vortex". If you dare to brave the winter elements, you are going need a coat that can meet the demands of the season. Typically, down and parkas will keep you the warmest but with so many options how does one choose a coat that is practical yet pleasing to the eye? Here are a few times to help you with your hunt:

1. Get Down

The days are looking like the Michelin man are over. Down jackets have evolved and so has their style. Some jackets are now quilted from the inside making the outside sleeker and smoother against the body. The best thing about down is it can stand up to the subzero temperatures while keeping you cozy and chic. If you are worried about losing your waist. Try to find a coat that is belted or cinches your waist to create an hourglass effect.

2. Versatility

 Evaluate your lifestyle. Are you buying a career coat or a casual one? Will this be your only coat to carry you through the season? Remember that this is a big purchase, one that you plan to use year after year. The quality of your coat is important, the lining should be thick, but the weight should not be heavy. 

3. Length

This is a personal choice. Determine how much time you will be outdoors as a factor. For me, I prefer a coat that at least hits right above the knee. Jackets that end at the waist leave my thighs exposed which does nothing for me in these chilly conditions.

Lastly, don't forget the accessories. A scarf, hat and gloves to keep you toasty warm this winter should also be on your shopping list if they are not already. Good Luck braving the outer limits!


Thank you for reading. Jacket: Mackage / Scarf: Louis Vuitton / Bag: Chanel / Gloves: Kate Spade