It's official! Christmas is one week away and this is when I normally pull out my list and check it twice. Finishing my Christmas shopping can be a bit stressful because I want to get the right gift so bad. Luckily Amazon Prime has a wide range of gifts that can be delivered to my door within two to four days which means I can shop in my Pajamas and avoid the chaos of the malls. Here is my ultimate last minute gift guide that is guarantee to put a smile on your loved one's face:


   ZAC by ZAC POSEN BAG   on sale (additional 20% off for prime members)

ZAC by ZAC POSEN BAG on sale (additional 20% off for prime members)

   RUD by RUDSAK   Down Coat. An investment pieces that will keep you warm for many winters to come 

RUD by RUDSAK Down Coat. An investment pieces that will keep you warm for many winters to come 

Best of Cameras

 The   INSTAX SQ10   has been one of my favourite purchases this year. (on sale) 

The INSTAX SQ10 has been one of my favourite purchases this year. (on sale) 

 Always have eyes on your baby with the   ARIO   Baby Monitor (in HD) 

Always have eyes on your baby with the ARIO Baby Monitor (in HD) 

   Sony A6500   - I currently shoot all my photos with the Sony A6300 and this update is worth every penny. 

Sony A6500 - I currently shoot all my photos with the Sony A6300 and this update is worth every penny. 



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Hello December! 

Can you all believe that we are in the last month of the year?! The holiday season is full of the hustle and bustle but this year I am determined to enjoy every moment that this magical month has to offer. Making the most of precious moments means managing my time and this season I'll be doing that with this beautiful Bulova watch from the Rubaiyat Collection.  

The most valuable thing we have is our time. What we wear on our wrist should be a representation of our time and how we choose to spend it. The watch is a symbol of our hard work and the time we put into the things we love. Wearing this watch has had a positive effect on my attitude as it has made me more attentive to how I spend my 24 hours. I simply love how this watch wears like a piece of jewelry. The design has incorporated the hallmark Goddess of Time —graceful and strong, two things that every modern woman should be. 

Not only is this timepiece the quintessential gift for anyone - it doubles as a heirloom. No matter how you see things we can all agree that people can live on through the memories of those who knew them.  I plan on wearing mine to to every holiday party this season. This month I will never be late, just fashionably on time.


Dress: Ted Baker,  Watch: Bulova, Bag: Chanel 

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Black Friday is upon us once again. It's one of the biggest shopping days of the year and quite frankly it can be an intimidating experience to go out and navigate the busy malls. Have no fear though because Amazon and I have done the legwork for you. Below I've shared some of my favourite deals as you begin holiday shopping.

Good luck out there! 



Winter is closing in which means it's time to really start looking at fashionable options that are also warm. If you are anything like me being cozy is a must. I hate the feeling of being constricted in my clothes which is why I began a long term relationship with sweater dresses.  They are warm, cozy and chic for the transitioning weather. This piece from Bench comes with serious style points. First of all, it's super soft and comfortable and most importantly I can wear it with anything! Today, I’m pairing it with a bold pair of ankle boots but you can also dress it up with a killer pair of over the knee boots for a night out.

The pom pom beanie I'm wearing is probably one of the best purchases that I’ve made all season. I wear it almost every day and I think it is the perfect touch for a simple (but stylish) outfit. I suggest you get one before it sells out!


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My Favourite Accessory with Melitta

Scroll through my Instagram feed and you are guaranteed to see photos of my favourite things: Food, Fashion and Friends. You'll often also see one of my favourite accessories, in fact, I feature this accessory quite a bit and it's a lot cheaper than a handbag or jewelry. It's coffee! Coffee to many is a pick-me- up, however, for me it is more than that. Coffee helps set a social mood that is calm and warm and it is surprisingly very photogenic.

Before you try your hand at this kind of 'gram though, it's good to keep these four things in mind:

The stage is yours to create

It has become completely natural for me to have an impromptu photo shoot with my cup of coffee before drinking it. I make coffee every morning and it’s safe to say that my daily routine wouldn’t be the same without it. Since I’ve discovered Melitta’s Pour-over coffeemakers, snapping pictures is especially easy since I no longer have to go out to a café to get a great shot. Lately, I’ve been handcrafting my coffee at home using the pour-over method and it’s quick, convenient and the flavour is great.

After I make my morning cup, I use whatever I have around me as props for styling. I often like to add a colourful handbag to give the shot a punch of color. I experiment, find the best angle and then snap away.

Remember to use symmetry your photos, the surrounding objects should be pleasing to the eye while helping you tell your story.

Inspired by the Interior

Incorporating some interior details are often more dynamic than a close-up of what's in your cup. It also allows your audience to see where and when you’re making and enjoying that cup of java. The bright side to that is you don;t have to be in the shot and shoot it all on your own.

Give your hands something to hold

One of my biggest challenges I have when taking any photo is surprisingly not my outfit but what to do with my hands. I don't always know what to do with them, so I find holding a cup of coffee always feels natural and more comfortable for me.  Holding something also adds movement to your shot. Try placing a hand around a coffee mug to bring more life to your photos. (literally)

Get Messy

The established norms with regards to photos are that we take the pictures before consuming our tasty subject. Why not flip it around and do it oppositely? Next time your at the coffee shop try taking a photo of what remains. Photos can show off how good food looks but after shots can show how good your food or drink WAS.

Coffee is such a favourite photo category because of how much it intertwines in our daily lives. No matter where we live or what we do for a living, most us enjoy a cup of Joe. I hope these tips help you next time you take a snap!

Do you think I missed any pointers? Let me know in the comments below!

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If you know me then you know I love to take photos! There’s a beauty in being able to capture a moment in time because I’m able to cherish it forever. Digital technology has made it easier to store my photos but arguably more difficult to go back and cherish them because of the sheer volume of photos I’ve got stored. On my recent trip to New York I wanted to make sure that I capture the highlights of my trip in a way that was easy to go back and look on and also share with others. The Fujifilm Instax SQ10 was the answer for me! The Instax SQ10 takes the old Fujifilm that many know and pairs it with modern technology to create the perfect travel companion. I got mine on Amazon. It was easy to use, travels well and is tons of fun.

Here are three things that set the Instax SQ10 apart:


1)      It’s Digital

You can now see what you’re shooting from the screen, similar to shooting on a cell phone. It makes getting the image that you want faster and easier unlike its ancestor. You can store up to 50 photos at a time on the camera with an option for additional storage in the SD card slot

201710025547474088516659905 (1).jpg

2)      Editing

The Instax SQ10 allows you to play with the exposure and filters before, or after an image is taken. Modes like double exposure and slower shutter speed are all a part of the fun when you use a new camera. The SQ10 allows users to play the trial and error game so you can get the right shot, without wasting film paper!


3)  To print? Or not to print?

My friends and I were just as excited to shoot and pose for photos as we normally would on our cell phones and cameras. You could feel the anticipation every time we pressed the print button and watched our photo develop before our eyes. The best part was that there were no fights over who got to keep the photo. The SQ10 is the first instant camera that allows multiple prints of the same image to be printed. Birthdays, Weddings and Holidays just got a lot easier because everybody will be able to get the photo they want by simply choosing it in the menu. This will definitely be a staple at my next Babes and Brunch event.

If you’re one for instant gratification, do not worry – there is a switch on the SQ10 that allows you to print photos automatically.


In the future it would be nice if the SQ10 had wi-fi capabilities so the photos could be shared both digitally AND in print and it would even better to have more than 10 film in one pack. However, if you’re looking for a camera that will allow you to capture and share special moments simultaneously then this is the one for you.

201710027465275399053289593 (1).jpg

You can buy your SQ10 + Film bundle on Amazon. Click below to shop other Instax cameras from Fujifilmthat are more affordable and fun to use.

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Transitioning between seasons is always difficult and there are perhaps no two seasons that are more difficult to transition between than Summer and Fall. The sweater you leave the house wearing in the cool morning can feel like a sweaty straightjacket in the afternoon.

The key to successfully crossover between seasons are transitional pieces. Clothing that is, or can be layered so you're comfortable no matter the weather. The question is: How do I keep my closet in line with the weather without tiring my credit card out quickly? I have the same dilemma every season. It becomes a challenge to add pieces without maxing out my shopping budget.

The answer to this problem is Amazon

Amazon’s Private Label fashion brand offers a large range of clothing and accessory brands that Amazon has created themselves. The cashmere poncho that I am wearing today is from Lark & Ro and it's under $100.  Amazon's private label offers so many staples and on trend pieces for women and men.  Consider it seasonal shopping made easy without the hassle of going to a department store.  Everyone can update their wardrobe from the comfort of their computer.  

What transitional pieces are YOU investing in as we begin Fall? Let me know in the comments!

Shop some of my picks below


Step into style with GEOX


If I had to describe my wardrobe in two words they would be feminine and florals. I’m known to have a closet full of dresses however that does not mean that I do not value comfort. A trend that I’ve been eyeing all season long is the combination of dresses with sneakers. It stuck out to me because it is tiresome (and painful) to have to balance an outfit out with uncomfortable heels. I was determined to find a pair of sneakers that were comfortable and glamorous. My solution? Geox’s fall collection. Thanks to them I’ve now caught the sneaker bug.

Style is about balance and their Jaysen trainers add the right amount of lightness and comfort to any look. The soft champagne colour with black detailing makes it easier to pair with the darker fall shades. The extra cushioning makes it a lot more enjoyable for my feet when I’m running around the city all day. The build is flexible and the style can be paired with a dress (as it is here) or with jeans and joggers.

You can check out Geox’s Fall collection here.

What unusual pairings have YOU made work? Let me know in the comments below!


Sweater: Forever 21, Skirt: Club Monaco, Sunglasses: Karen Walker: Sneakers: Geox

The Bright Side of September


Hello, September! 

I welcome this time of year with open arms because it symbolizes new beginnings; A new school year for some, our favourite television shows, and most importantly fashion. I like to give my closet a bit of a reset and I am really looking forward to seeing the influence New York fashion week has. Until then I am focused on adding transitional pieces and mixing textures in my outfits as we move from summer to fall. The beauty of layering for autumn is that your outfit isn’t hiding under a heavy coat. For today's look, I traded in my lighter floral pieces for a darker one. This dress from Free People fits like a glove. These colors are the trend for the season and the weight of the fabric is a little heavier than most of the maxi dresses in my closet which allows me to wear it during the day and into the evening with a leather jacket when the temperature begins to drop.  

What are you go to transitional pieces for fall to autumn? Let me know in the comments below


Dress: Free People , Bag: Chanel 

September Reset with Amazon


September is fast approaching and that means back to school for some. For others, I like to think of this time as a reset. The season changes and so do our wardrobes. It's time to start the school year off on a fashionable foot. 

Although it is sad to leave our carefree summer days behind us. I always find something exciting about gearing up for a new year.. If you are like me, then you stocking up on essentials are key to help get you going for the school year. Today I have teamed up with Amazon to share some my favorites items that I've listed below:

Burt's Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set
Cleansed and nourished skin is essential to your well-being. Get amazing skin naturally with the Essential Burt’s Bees Kit.





The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
Our Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash infused with potent tea tree oil, cleanses blemished skin with each use. A cooling lather removes impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling refreshed and purified.






ORIBE Hair Care Dry Texturizing Spray
Bigger, better, full-on glamorous hair. This invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and sexy texture. 






adidas Originals Women's 3 Stripes Leggings
A style built to flatter, these tight-fitting women's leggings are crafted in stretchy cotton single jersey. Extra comfortable, they feature 3-Stripes down the legs and a Trefoil logo on the hip so you can show your style.




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