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Could green be the new black?  

While I may not go that far, I will say that it has quickly become the next best thing.  Dressing up in olive no longer means that you look a 'fisherman friend' . 

5 Winter Essentials

Every season comes with its own trials and tribulations when it comes to style. For winter it's all about battling the elements and keeping warm but doing so in a way that doesn't make it look like YOU are out there trying to warm up the weather. (cont'd)


Growing up, I was often led to believe that black = slimming and white = unflattering. That seemingly simple formula dictated a lot of the fashion choices I made early on and while the looks weren't bad I found that I was severely limiting myself. (cont'd)


For some, putting together a great look for a holiday party with friends is fun and has become second nature. For others however, putting together a cohesive look can be challenging and even stressful. Taking the look you rock at your desk at work to a fancy dinner or event can be tricky in the Winter months. (cont'd) 


Christmas Eve arrives in TEN DAYS!

As each day passes the pressure builds to make sure that every name is checked off your Christmas Gift list. Some people enjoy the thrill and busyness of last-minute shopping however I am not one of them... (cont'd)


Brrr, it's cold out there!

But just because it's cold it doesn't mean getting dressed up can't be as fun or as stylish as it was earlier in the year... (cont'd)

Temperatures are really beginning to fall here and as recently as this past weekend we even spent some time below freezing temperature! With that said it's time to start layering up... (cont'd)


Buffalo Check is simple, bold and more exciting than a solid or a plain pattern. I like the versatility of the print how easy it is to wear... (cont'd)


This week I decided to push the refresh button on a quintessential 70's trend: Flowers! ... (con't)


Karl Lagerfeld once said: 

"You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur."

I opted for a faux fur vest for this week's look because it is luxurious enough to dress any outfit up but light enough to act as a layer that will keep me warm...(cont)


As the temperature continues to dip closer towards the freezing mark I am forced to reach into my closet to find the right coat that is both stylish and warm...(cont)


As we reach the end of October the temperature is starting to reach single digits which means it's time for me to reach for my Fall neutrals... (cont)


If you have been following my blog for a while you may have noticed that I like my fashion to be cozy. It's very important for me that my clothes allow me to move freely, but accentuate my shape in the right places. I hate having my movement restricted by clothes! ... (cont)



With the temperatures beginning to 'fall', putting together an outfit that is fashionable yet functional can be a challenge. I find that the best way to handle this is to bundle up with light layers in the morning. These layers can easily be thrown into my purse if it warms up during the day and these pieces can be put back on as it cools down in the evening... (cont) 



It's that time of the year again - September 23rd marked the official beginning of Fall. Very soon the leaves will begin to change colour and the temperatures will slowly start to make their way down. It means that it's time to begin bundling up... (cont) 


A style staple that should be in every working wardrobe should be a trench coat. They are cool, classic and add the perfect finishing touch to any look. Lately I have be seeing so many remixed variations, which means there is really something for everyone... (cont)



Autumn is drawing upon us and it's the perfect time to break out some earth-toned pieces. Burgundy, forest green and mustard yellows are beautiful tones to help usher in the new season. These colours do a great job adding some the 'zip' needed to turn a simple look into a chic ensemble. Think of transitioning your closet as announcing the beginning of a new season... (cont)


There are so many beautiful trends to look forward to this fall but there is one in particular that's taking over the racks at the mall - Bohemian. The rich colors, textures and prints are everywhere. I've got to admit, my closet has recently become under the influence. I love the free-spirited and flowly silhouettes. This style isn't always easy to pull off without looking like you time traveled back to the 70's. To help you become a bohemian beauty with ease is to mix one or two modern pieces that you already own. Ensure that the pieces are tailored to the body as most 'boho' items tend to sit bigger and away from the body. By following these tips you should be able to wear your bohemian piece with style and grace. 


Today is the last day of August and while it is not officially the last day of summer it is sure starting to feel that way. One trend that I anticipate will be popular this season is the poncho. It's back and better than ever offered in many rich colours and luxurious fabrics. The ponchos that are out this season have a more cape feeling to them and provide an extra layer for the cool mornings while being easy to store away once it warms up. They are lighter in weight and are able to fit closer to the body. The trick to styling this piece during the transitional weather is to combine your fall purchases with your favorite summer items. White was a huge trend this summer and I plan on bringing that with me into the fall and I will be using neutrals to compliment my look. The key pieces for me will be sweaters, jeans and accessories


Here in Toronto we have an annual end of Summer exhibition that marks the end of the season. Carnival games, great food, and rides are all a part of the fun.  With said exhibition upon us it means that the sun is beginning to set on the Summer season once again. It's natural to look ahead to the fall and the beautiful fashion that accompanies it however do NOT overlook end of season sales. End of season sales are a great opportunity to pick up pieces that can be used to help transition into a new season and they are also helpful in building your wardrobe for the NEXT summer.


Get ready to feel lovely in lace. Yup, the days of this fabric looking like your grandmother's doily are over. There are plenty of pretty lace pieces that look modern and youthful while adding that touch of elegance to your ensemble. Traditionally, this fabric is sold in white which gives that classic feminine look. This year however, designers have refreshed the lace trend by introducing it in new colors. If you are afraid of lace aging you, stay away from black and try a bright and bold hue.


I've talked about it in the past but there have been times where I've been a bit hesitant to give certain trends a try because I was unsure of how it would look. Neon was another one of these trends. It's been arguably the season's greatest hit -- the shades of hot pink and citrus really stand out and provide that unique "pop". My fear was that these bright colours would not work well when put against my pale complexion. This summer I decided to take the plunge anyway and incorporate a few items in my wardrobe.


Back in the Spring I shared a timeless colour combination: Black and White. I shared my thoughts about how flexible the colours were in various different patterns and their versatility when paired with coloured accessories. This week I've revisited the look in a different form and added a touch of red that's sure to stand out.

Being trendy does not necessarily mean buying new pieces all of the time - that gets expensive and takes up much needed real estate in the closet! Keeping up with the trends requires the creativity to rethink our CURRENT wardrobe and make fresh combinations with what we already have.

Red to me was the perfect hue to spice up this classic look.  


If I could justify it, I would put a bow on everything!  Bows are cute, sweet and if used correctly they add the perfect feminine touch to any outfit. Like many things today in fashion, bows come in all sorts of fun variations of colors and sizes. Tiny bows on accessorizes can be the small detail that puts your outfit over the top or you can go with a large bow can serve as the focal point for your look. Strong lines define form in your outfit and helps project confidence when wearing a large piece, like the dress I chose today. So get inspired and embrace this pretty detail and 'tie' one on for size.


Neutrals have really grown on me this season. I've come to think of it as the new black to wear during the warm summer months. It's light, easy, versatile, and a classic. Neutrals are great because they go with all sorts of colours and patterns which can really help you make use of the 'barely worn' pieces in your closet that are typically hard to match...



You're about to go out but an obstacle lies in the way... 

"I don't know what to wear!!!" 

If you're a red-blooded female I can almost guarantee that this has happened to you at least once. I can't tell you how many times I've stood in front of a closet, full of clothes, complaining that I have nothing to wear. In reality most of us are fortunate enough to have something to wear so the drama can be very silly but when you're up against the clock and you don't know what to wear it can be a bit stressful.

My advice to dealing with this predicament: Keep ISimple, Silly.


Summer is upon us and with that comes special events. Whether it's a wedding, fashion show or a friend's birthday, the fun and feeling of getting dolled up never gets old. Mixing and matching items to create that perfect summer look can at times be overwhelming financially but here are a  few quick tips that may help you when shopping and putting together the perfect outfit for that special occasion:


It simply doesn't get more lady like then pleats. I'm not talking about your mother's pleats. I'm not talking about the school uniform pleats. I'm talking about pleats that are fun, free flowing, and feminine. The make on pleats today are softer and move with your body. Silks and chiffon are light and airy so they don't add weight to your body. The best part is that pleats come in several forms so you can find the one that works for you:


Style is about standing out and the right pattern can definitely make that happen. Patterning is becoming increasingly popular as many brands seem to be producing clothes with strong and bold patterning. Naturally many women, including myself in the past, stayed away from patterns. 

"They're too loud" . "They aren't flattering" ... and the list goes on. 

While some of this is true it does not mean that patterning is not for you. Choosing the right pattern is all about choosing a pattern that flatters your body shape and size. Here are some quick tips to help find a print that works for you:


It seems like everyone is "walking the line" these days. By that I mean I've noticed that stripes seemingly get more popular every year. Whether it's thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical there is almost always a stripe pattern that will work for anybody. While there is some truth to the idea that big stripes can make you look bigger and small stripes can make you look smaller the most important factor to consider is the actual fit. Anything too tight or too big can create the will result in your clothes doing your body a huge disservice. The best thing to do while shopping is to choose the right illusion for your body type. As a rule of thumb a good equation to follow for stripe placement is 10 percent of the darker color and 90 percent of the lighter color.  


Ruffles are the icing on the cake when you want to take a piece that is basic and dress it up. With all the weddings, graduations, and special occasions coming up I can't think anything more fun to wear. Dresses are my go to when it comes to ruffles, however if being a girly girl isn't exactly your thing, try a top with a slick pant. The best part is ruffles comes in bold waves or small silky ones, so you are able to experiment to see what works best with your body type


Sorry Gretchen Wieners, but pink is not only worn on Wednesday's anymore. This color can has so many levels : everything from short and sweet to bright and bold. Pink is undeniably the epitome of femininity. That said, I knew I had to add a few more variations of this fun color into my wardrobe. The dress I have on is crisp, clean and cute. I love how the pleating plays up a feminine shape, it also comes with pockets which is always a bonus. This shirt-dress is modern and timeless, and the bubblegum shade gives off a confident and cute look. A little pink dress (LPD) is perfect for the season we are in and comes is so many shades of pink: pale, hot and neon. Perhaps the best part is you can take your LPD from your desk to dinner.


Fresh, bold and inviting. The palm print has exploded and literally taken root in every designers line. Palm trees are known for being in warm climates and although Summer has not officially kicked off, the temperature is rising and the weather really feels Summer-like at times. This tropical trend is definitely the must have print of the season. 

However like any trend I evaluated whether the palm trend would be long term or short term. As much as I adore everything about this print right now, I know come October that this will not be wearable. This is where saving vs. splurging comes in. 



Summer is right around the corner and the waves of blue have come down the runway and into boutiques. There is a something out there for everyone as the shades vary from icy blue to warm turquois). While a monochromatic style can be classic it can get boring really quickly. Don't be afraid to mix things up by experimenting with different colour combos as you piece your Summer wardrobe together.


Is there anything that is more classic? Using these colours is a simple yet very effective way to put together various different looks due to its simplicity and versatility. Black and white can be paired with a variety of different colours and patterns (stripes, chevron for example) to create that chic look. On its own however the colour contrast between black and white is bold enough to make a statement on its own. For example: an all white dress with bold, black piece of statement jewellery, or wearing "all black everything" with the exception being a fresh pair of white shoes. 


When you're aiming to look effortlessly chic, it's impossible to go wrong with a maxi dress. They have always been a style staple for me as they are known for their comfort, style, femininity and it's ability to flatter a variety of shapes. They are one of the perfect pieces to help you transition from spring to summer as they are warm for the cool spring mornings but breathable when it begins to heat up. Although this piece is typically an easy item to wear, you need to pay attention when deciding on length - the key is balance. If you are tall, I encourage you to try an ankle-grazing dress for the daytime. Longer lengths can be worn at night when it cools down. If you are petite, wearing heels or wedges with your maxi might be a good idea to give you a little boost of length. Lastly, don't be afraid to layer this look with sweaters, tied denim shirts and a cropped leather jacket when the temperate drops at night. when in doubt, always had a belt to help define your shape.  


Fringe is not just for festivals. The style has taken over as one as of the top trends this spring becoming virtually inescapable. I must admit I did find fringe a little daring but just like in the game of life taking risks in fashion can reap to big rewards. There is something so effortless and cool about fringe; the fabric moves with you and the strands continue to sway with every gentle breeze that sneaks by. Fringe comes in many different varieties which allow you to incorporate the style into any wardrobe.The key is in the pairings, keeping your look clean, classic, and modern will help eliminate any confusion between rodeo and runway.  


If you aren’t aware by now – I love taking pictures. Making pictures of my own though? That was a different story. At least, that’s what I thought anyway. I had not picked up a paintbrush since high school but I decided to attend a “Bloggers Night” at Paintlounge’s Toronto East location because I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something outside of my comfort zone and a great chance meet some of my fellow Toronto bloggers. 

I entered the Paintlounge where I was warmly greeted by Samantha and Grace who assisted me as I swapped my jacket for an apron and got situated at my painting station. Once everybody else arrived we began our session. The night started off with a quick demo/tutorial from the staff where they gave us all the tips and tricks we needed to create our own masterpiece. The demo was very helpful, as were the staff all night, and the early instruction did a great job assuring a room full of bloggers that we can in fact paint something beautiful. 


Trends are forever changing and evolving, which at times can be overwhelming when there is so much to choose from. I can't even begin to count the array of pieces and purchases that I have made over the years because something was 'on trend' at the time. Now I do my best to smart shop; spending a little more on investment pieces when I can. However, investment pieces can often be misread as putting your money into basic and solid color clothing. Although I believe it to be somewhat true, there is something about wearing a beautiful print that just offer a refreshing take on style. Most prints are made to make a woman look stronger and bolder than ever but I have concluded that there are ways to wear a print but still give off a soft and feminine touch. Print poses as an opportunity for those women who refuse to fade into the background. Just remember that when wearing a pretty print that your accessories do not compete.


White clothes are no strangers in my closet. When I've got nothing to wear I can always count on the clean and crisp look that my white pieces provide to give me a fresh  look. I particularly love this color during the warmer months of the year. This season calls for lighter clothing and breezy fabrics that are more comfortable because they conform to the body better. As temperatures begin to rise do not forget: white reflects light. Today I paired my favorite white jeans with a long sleeve crop top and a hint of blue for flare. 


Nina Garcia said it best: "The truly fashionable are always daring and never dull. They are willing to run with the leopards, cheetahs and zebras". A touch of animal print in your closet is a must have. This adventurous print gives you a chance to be bold, wild and free. For years I have shied away from something so different because I wasn't confident that I could truly pull it off. I started experimenting with it by incorporating animal print into accessories and smaller pieces such as a scarf, purse or shoes. I started small and gradually worked my way up to this dress. What I have learned over the years is that when wearing any animal print it's best to keep the rest of the outfit neutral so that the print is the focal point of the outfit and the thing that people notice first. Keeping everything else classic gives both you and your outfit a chance to roar.


 Spring has officially arrived! After a long winter I've found myself gravitating towards pastels to begin the new season. The light color is very versatile and easily be worn during the day in the office or out at night, Blush is another one of my favorite colors to wear, given its lightweight, free spirited and pretty color I can't help but feel feminine in it. Pairing this color with other soft neutrals is best for the daytime. If you want to add a flare for the evening try adding something edgy like leather accessories. This style surprisingly can work with all skin tones, but finding the right shade is key so experiment with different textures and pieces until you find the perfect rosy glow.   



Getting dressed can get tricky this time of year, especially when the weather fluctuates so frequently between warm and cold. In order to be prepared good outerwear is required to battle harsh winds and minor rain storms that can put a damper on spring. The outerwear should serve as a light layer to help you adjust to the temperature as the day goes on. Regardless of how many layers I am wearing, accentuating my waist is always a must. Not only does it give you a more defined shape but it adds a touch of femininity. Here I paired my trench cape with a belt in the front and a bow in the back. This is one of my favorite pieces for spring because it's effortless, light, waterproof and versatile. 



One of my favorite things about spring is the return of color. There is just something about being able to take a walk outside to watch the regrowth of nature that makes it one of the simple joys in life. However, while the snow is mostly melted where I am, it's still a little too chilly to go barelegged outside. So on chilly days I sometimes like to stop by a local flower shop and pick up a bundle of fresh flowers


With spring just around the corner the time is coming to turn over a new leaf on our wardrobes. The warmer weather peels back the many layers of snow that have blanketed us for months and it will reveal colourful greenery once again. Gardens will begin to grow and the temperature changes mean that we can slowly put away our parkas and put on some lighter layers to create new looks which I’m sure we’ve all wanted to do for weeks now. With clothes becoming less bulky it allows us to layer our outfits to keep us warm while the season transitions in while still having our clothes fit smoothly against the skin. 


For those keeping count there are about three weeks left until spring finally rolls around. The snow and slush ruin boots and the cold temperature robs us of Vitamin D however there are some positives we can take from this time of year. When it’s not -20 outside, winter can be beautiful and quite enjoyable. The best part about this time of year though is that retailers are beginning to put winter clothing on clearance. This presents an opportunity to pick up fashionable pieces at a significantly cheaper price. It’s a great way to add pieces to get you through the homestretch and it’s also a smart way to add pieces to your winter wardrobe going forward. So before you spring ahead into the next season be sure to take one last good look at winter – you never know what you may find. Good luck!


With 5 days left until Valentines Day your plans are probably set and now it’s time to determine if you will be wearing your heart on your sleeve - or perhaps a dress. Regardless, whether you’re having a night out with the gals or a romantic evening with a gentleman you'll want to look and feel your best.


Valentines Day is fast approaching. This time of year is exciting for me because I celebrate my birthday shortly after Valentine’s Day. Special days and occasions aside, there is something so romantic about the month of February. The hustle and bustle of the holidays has finally stopped which gives you the luxury to focus in on those around you; Investing in others is what I refer to it as. It’s not about worrying how much love you get but how much you pour out to others. Whether you are single or committed a gracious gift is a thoughtful way to show your bestie or beau just how special they are


Ever since the creative chief for Burberry Christoper Bailey put Cara Delevingne in his iconic blanket coat this trend has crept into every fashion house in the world. It appears that every line is making their own version for every woman to add their wardrobe. This trend combines the comfort of an actual blanket with a much more chic design. 



The battle against pimples, the war on wrinkles – we see it everywhere. The fact remains that our skin will go through multiple changes during our lifetime and while we cannot entirely prevent things like pimples and wrinkles we can limit them by adopting a skincare routine. Drink water? Consume more antioxidants? Sure it has its benefits, but what about the surface? Today on the blog I will be talking about what a good skincare routine is and I will be talking about a couple of tools to help manage the surface of your skin better.


If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift that is sure to please may I suggest a pair of cozy and comfy pajamas? Sleepwear is no longer the drab but comfy clothes that nobody will see you in, sleepwear now doubles as loungewear around the house. Good ‘sleepwear’ should be comfortable enough to sleep in but appealing enough that you won’t have to change into something else if a close friend or relative comes over for a quick visit. After a long year of work it’s always nice to feel comfortable and get a good rest during the holidays. Looking great on Christmas day is also important, especially for those Christmas morning photos. Here are some quick tips when buying what I now call a holiday essential:

Grey Matter

Parkas are warm and functional however given the demands of the holiday season it is necessary to have different coats that provide different looks. A good way to showcase this different 'look' would be by investing in a coat that is a bit more dressy, a jacket which exudes elegance. This coat should be a simple, classy piece that flatters your body. This coat is an important piece that helps project a more polished persona whether you're at a holiday event or just out on the town for the day.

 The holidays are quickly approaching and the temperature are beginning to dip. While there are many ways to keep warm this season. There are few options that beat the feeling of a cozy sweater. In my sweater weather post, I discussed the various types of fabrics but here I'll be pointing out some of my favorite styles and patterns that put yourover the top this season. The graphic sweater allows you to express your own sense of style while still keeping you warm.This piece can be worn casually or paired with different fabrics to look incredibly stylish. With so many variations and patterns it allow us girls to have fun with it (because 'Girls just wanna have fun' right?). A graphic sweater has the versatility to send the effortless message of "oh, something I just threw on". Or it can elevate your to elegance. Here you will find out about my favorite material to pair my graphic sweaters.


The holidays are quickly approaching which means it’s holiday party time! As invitations begin flooding inboxes everywhere the question that gets asked is: “What am I going to wear?” It’s a tough question and the answer can get complicated due to the abundance (or lack thereof) of options. Here is a breakdown that will make finding the perfect party dress much simpler:



It is time to say goodbye to Fall as we enter what I call the "polar vortex". If you dare to brave the winter elements, you are going to need a coat that can meet the demands of the season. Typically, down and parkas will keep you the warmest but with so many options how does on choose a coat that is practical yet pleasing to the eye? Here a few tips to help you with your hunt:



The little black dress became a fashion statement in the 1920's. Championed by Coco Chanel this classic piece can turn a girl into whirlwind until she finds one that fits and flatters her body just right. When buying a Little Black Dress (LBD), fit and style trump pieces as this timeless item will be worn many times and in so many ways which helps justify the splurge. Think of it this way: The cost divided by the number of times worn should equal priceless. With so many variations here are some key points to consider when searching for your LBD:




The wardrobe transition from summer to fall can be a little tricky, especially if you are like me and have a bunch of beautiful pieces that I am not ready to shove into the back of my closet yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the sophistication of style that the cooler temperatures bring. But I am not one to buy a whole new dresser full of outfits every season. Here are some essentials that will help you shift your pieces into this season effortlessly. 


A quality sweater that fits, flatters and keeps you warm is essential as we 'fall' into cooler conditions. However, with so many options, how does one purchase a sweater that will last more than one season? Below are a few helpful hints about knits:


1. CASHMERE - Soft, Warm and Lightweight, This is what I call the investment sweater, They cost anywhere from $80 to hundreds of dollars. A quality cashmere sweater will keep you significantly warmer than sheep's wool. Try to choose one that is 100% Cashmere. 

2. WOOL - The acclaimed winter classic. The styles are endless and it is the most popular choice worldwide. Keep in mind that wool requires a lot of care. This fabric stretches easily and loses 30% of it's strength when wet.

3. COTTON - The effortless topper. Cotton sweaters will keep you less warm, however they are the least expensive and require the least amount of care. 


Sweater: Paul & Joe Sister (SOLD OUT) / Leather Leggings Wilfred (link left side) / Bag: Louis Vuitton Vintage / Boots: Payless  / Ring: Winners